Installing with a K-Wire (Honeywell thermostat)

Presents as: You have a K-Wire and are unsure of how to wire your Wyze thermostat. 




The K terminal located on the Honeywell thermostat combines the Y and G wires. It does this using the Honeywell wire saver. The Wyze system is not compatible with the Honeywell wire saver. However, your system will be compatible with the Wyze thermostat once the Honeywell wire saver is removed. 


Please follow these steps: 

  1. Make sure to take photos of your control board, thermostat wiring and Honeywell wire saver.
  2. Remove the Honeywell wire saver.


At the Control Board:

    1. On the "Thermostat" side of the Honeywell wire saver, label the wires as follows:
      • Rc terminal -> Rc Label
      • K terminal -> Y Label 
      • C terminal -> G Label
      • W-O/B terminal -> Please follow the W-O/B terminal wire from the wire saver to the control board. Label the wire on the thermostat side of the wire saver corresponding to the terminal label found on the control board. 
  • NOTE: If the control board also is labelled W-O/B. You will need to determine if your system is a heat pump system(O/B) or conventional(W).
    1. With wires correctly labelled remove the wires from the wire saver.
    2. Now remove the wires from the control board connected to the wire saver.
    3. Wire the labelled wires to their corresponding terminals on the control board. 
  • NOTE: You may notice you no longer have a C-wire; you may use the C-wire adapter.
  1. Correct the thermostat wires.


At the thermostat:

  1. Remove the thermostat cover panel
  2. To be compatible with the Wyze thermostat wires K and C will need to be adjusted.
    • Place the wire in the C terminal into the G terminal.
    • Place the wire in the K terminal into the Y terminal.
  3. The thermostat is now compatible. Proceed to the Wyze app to add a new thermostat. 
    • Make sure to select the wires currently connected in the system and the App will guide you through how to connect the Wyze C-Wire Adapter.
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