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C-Wire Adapter Installation

Presents as: You have to install the c-wire adapter but are unsure of how. 




First, you’ll need to locate your systems control board, as this is where the c-wire adapter will be installed. 

  • Your control board may be located in your basement or a closet. 


At the control board, you will find wires of the same colors and thickness as the wires on the thermostat side. You will also find labels similar to those at the thermostat. 

  • There should be 4 terminals (Y, W, G, R) and 5 wires (R, G, W, Y, C) on it.


Next, connect the correct wires to the correct terminals, while making sure there is just one wire per terminal. Then you should be all set.


If you are still having trouble with installation, please perform a factory reset, and then try again.

  • To factory reset, press and hold the control wheel for 10 seconds. 
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