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My devices aren’t connecting after changing my Wi-Fi info.


After changing the network SSID or password, your devices are unable to reconnect.


  1. Check that your Wyze app is up to date.
    1. Go to the Account tab > tap About.
    2. The app version will be listed beneath the Wyze logo.
    3. You can compare your app version to the most up-to-date version listed on our Release Notes and Firmware Page.
  2. Check that your Wyze Mesh Router’s firmware is up to date. 
    1. You can check this by going to the Account tab > Firmware Update. If there is an update available for the router, please move forward with updating it.
  3. Changing the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) or Wi-Fi password will cause all previously connected devices to disconnect. 
    • To reconnect, update each device’s Wi-Fi connection with the new SSID and/or password.
  4. Reset the network settings of any devices that still fail to connect and attempt to connect to the Wyze Mesh Router’s new Wi-Fi credentials again.
    • If only select devices are still unable to reconnect, please reach out to the device’s manufacturer.
    • If all devices are still unable to reconnect, please proceed to step 5.
  5. Power cycle the root Wyze Mesh Router. 
    • Unplug the device for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then plug it back in.
  6. Factory reset the root Wyze Mesh Router using the pinhole method.
    • Note: If the root router is reset, all satellite routers will also need to be reset.
    • Insert a paper clip or similar into the reset pinhole for 15 seconds. Wyze Mesh Router's status light will begin rapidly flashing orange to indicate the factory reset has begun and once the reset is complete, it will flash white to indicate that it has been reset and is ready for setup. Set up like new in the Wyze app.
  7. Attempt to connect the devices again.
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