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I cannot set up my Wyze Mesh Router because I don’t have Internet access.


You cannot complete setup via the Wyze app due to a lack of Internet access.


If you have a pre-existing Wi-Fi connection but no mobile data connection:

  1. Reconnect the old router in its original place. 
  2. Turn on the old router and confirm Internet access by connecting a smartphone to the Wi-Fi emitted by the old router.
  3. Connect Wyze Mesh Router to the LAN port of your old router.
  4. Proceed with setup in the Wyze app.
  5. After the Wyze Mesh Router’s setup is completed, remove any old router(s) from the network and connect the root Wyze Mesh Router directly to the modem.

If you no longer have access to your old router:

  1. Power on and connect the root Wyze Mesh Router to the modem in its desired location. 
  2. In an Internet browser, access the Wyze Mesh Router web portal by visiting or 
  3. Adjust the WAN settings to your desired settings.
    • If you are not familiar with network settings, we recommend selecting DHCP. 
    • If you want additional assistance customizing your settings, please reach out to your Internet service provider for assistance. 
  4. Enable a guest network by creating a guest network SSID and password.
  5. Open your Wyze app to complete the setup process.
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