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My Wyze Wireless Gaming Headset’s boom mic is not detecting audio.


Your boom mic isn’t detecting audio.


  1. Make sure the headset is powered on.
  2. Ensure the boom mic is correctly and securely installed. 
    • Note: The boom mic is a snug fit in the audio jack on the headset. Ensure the mic is fully inserted. 
  3. Verify that the headset is not muted.
    • You will hear a two-tone sound to indicate the button has been pressed.
    • When muted, the button will remain pushed in. 
  4. Check the connected device’s audio settings to ensure that the input is set to Wyze Wireless Gaming Headset.
  5. If you’re on a PC or Mac, ensure that you are only using one connection method. 
    • If connected using Bluetooth® and the dongle simultaneously, remove the dongle from the PC or Mac. 
  6. Remove the boom mic and attempt to speak through the built-in microphone.
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