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My Wyze Cam Floodlight has poor audio quality.


You hear poor audio quality when speaking through your Wyze Cam Floodlight or in recorded events. Your Wyze Cam Floodlight has low or distorted audio.


  1. Confirm that your Wyze app is up to date.
    1. In your  Wyze app, navigate to the Account tab > tap About.
    2. Your current app version will be listed beneath the Wyze logo.
    3. Compare your app version to the latest app version listed on our Release Notes & Firmware page.
    4. If you find that your Wyze app is out of date, head over to your mobile device’s app store, and update the Wyze app.
  2. Ensure that both your Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Cam Floodlight’s firmware are up to date. 
    1. You can check this by going to the Account tab > Firmware Update.
    2. If there is an update available for the devices, please move forward with updating them.
  3. If you experience poor audio quality when viewing the live stream or in recorded events, please try the following:
    1. Verify that audio is enabled in the camera’s live stream. 
      1. Tap the speaker icon to enable sound. 
      2. Navigate to Wyze Cam v3’s live stream.
    2. Ensure Record Sound is enabled.
      1. Toggle on Record Sound
      2. In the Wyze app, go to the camera’s settings > Advanced Settings.
    3. Force close the Wyze app.
    4. Increase the volume on your phone/tablet.
    5. Test the audio on a different phone/tablet if possible. 
  4. Power cycle the floodlight and camera. 
    1. Start by flipping the breaker to the off position. 
    2. Wait 5-10 seconds, and then turn the breaker back to the on position. 
  5. Delete your Wyze Cam Floodlight from the Wyze app.
    1. In the Home tab of the Wyze app, tap the pencil icon in the upper right corner.
    2. Tap Edit Devices.
    3. Tap the red removal icon next to the floodlight then tap Delete
  6. Factory reset your Wyze Cam v3. 
    1. Remove any microSD card inserted into the camera.
    2. With the camera plugged into power, press and hold the setup button on the bottom of the camera for 10 seconds until the status light on the front of the camera turns solid red.
    3. Once the status light starts flashing red, set up the camera and floodlight as new.
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