Keypad Code Management

Wyze Lock Keypad allows you to enter a code to unlock your door’s Wyze Lock. Every member of the household can have their own unique code, making it easy to tell who’s using the accessing that lock. Another perk? Pressing the Lock button on the keypad is a quick way to make sure the door is locked if you aren’t using the Auto-Lock feature.

The Wyze Keypad is capable of storing up to 50 separate codes at any given time. While this number might seem like something you'll never reach, it's important to keep in mind when creating Guest Codes.

Creating a New Code

Creating a new code with the Wyze Lock's Keypad can be done at any time through the Wyze app.

To create a new code:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap on the related Wyze Lock.
  2. Tap the gear icon to open your Settings. 
  3. Tap Keypad Settings > Access Codes
  4. On the Access Codes screen, you can:
    • Modify your personal code by tapping Reset Code.
    • Add a new Guest Code by tapping Create a Guest Code.

Guest Codes

One of the features associated with the Keypad is the ability to create Guest Codes. These let you control when someone can use the code, and will let you know when it does get used. 

Guest Codes allow you to create a code and give it specific time frame in which it can be used. These include:

    • Always: Allows 24/7 access. Best used for friends, family, and others you trust.
    • Recurring: Access during specific, but regular, times. Good for babysitters and dog-walkers.
    • Temporary: Non-recurring access. Good for weekend guests and house-sitters.
    • One-time: Can be used once, like by a plumber or electrician.

Guest Code Management

Managing the available codes for your Wyze Lock's Keypad is incredibly easy, and gives you full control over them without compromising on security. Once a code has been set, you can't see what it is in the app anymore, but you can delete or reset it at any time.

To modify or delete a Guest Code:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap on the related Wyze Lock.
  2. Tap the gear icon to open your Settings. 
  3. Tap Keypad Settings > Access Codes
  4. Tap the code you want to modify from the list of Guest Codes
  5. On the Access Codes screen, you can:
    • Change the Name and Access Time (Always, Recurring, Temporary, One Time).
    • Reset the code.
    • Revoke access by tapping Delete Guest.

These codes are stored locally on the Wyze Lock itself, not the cloud. Not only is this more secure, but it makes sure that even during a power or network outage, you can still use the Wyze Lock by using the Keypad.

Shared Users

Anyone that you share both the Lock and Keypad with can create and manage their own Keypad Code. This cannot be created or modified by any other users with access to the Lock. Only the Wyze Lock's primary user will have access to the Keypad Settings option, and even they won't be able to see or manage your code.

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