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Wyze Lock Motor Orientation Guide

Wyze Lock’s motor will spin freely across a 90-degree angle, but has a full 180 degrees of movement available. This allows you to install the lock in whichever position you’d prefer.

To change the orientation of Wyze Lock’s motor:

  1. Remove Wyze Lock from the door (if already installed).
  2. Turn Wyze Lock’s thumb latch to a vertical position.
  3. Continue turning through the resistance, forcefully rotating the motor to the opposite side of where it started.
  4. Reinstall Wyze Lock.

Note: Wyze Lock can be used with the thumb latch in either position on every type of deadbolt except Kwikset and Baldwin Reserve/Prestige. For those brands specifically, the thumb latch must be in a vertical position while the deadbolt is locked, and horizontal while unlocked. 

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