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Gateway setup troubleshooting

If the Gateway is failing setup when you try connecting it to your network, try the troubleshooting on this page.

Check the app version

Check the app store to make sure there isn't an update available for the Wyze app. It's always best practice to make sure you have the latest version installed to ensure the setup goes smoothly.

Make sure you're near the Gateway

During the setup process, your phone will connect to the Gateway via Bluetooth to pair it with your network. To make sure the Bluetooth is able to connect, make sure you're near the Gateway for the duration of the setup.

Cycle your phone/tablet's WiFi and Bluetooth

Before trying anything else, turn off your phone or tablet's WiFi and Bluetooth, then turn them back on. This should help make sure it's communicating properly. 

If using a Motorola device, ensure that you have GPS enabled as some Motorola devices require GPS be enabled for Bluetooth to function.

Power-cycle your phone or tablet

Similar to toggling the WiFi and Bluetooth, turning your phone off/on can help make sure it's communicating properly with both the Gateway and the network.

Ensure the Gateway is in Pairing mode

Double-check to make sure the Gateway's light is flashing red/blue. If it isn't, hold down the reset button on top until the light starts to flash.

Try a different outlet

If the Gateway is refusing to enter pairing mode, or the light doesn't turn on at all once it's plugged in, try plugging it into a different outlet (not a surge protector) to make sure it's getting enough power to initialize. 

Move the Gateway closer to your router

While the Gateway does need to stay within Bluetooth range of the Lock, it's always worth trying to move it a little closer to where your home's router is set up to make sure it has the strongest network connection possible.

Failing all else, please contact Support so that one of our Wizards can help you find a resolution.

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