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Wyze Lock connection troubleshooting

If you're having trouble accessing your Wyze Lock from within the Wyze app or see it reporting as Offline, follow the troubleshooting processes on this page to try bringing it back online.


Check the Gateway's Connectivity

We have a full page of troubleshooting available for the Gateway to make sure it's Online and communicating properly. It's encouraged to go through the troubleshooting there to make sure that the Gateway is Online before doing any Lock-specific troubleshooting.

Gateway connection troubleshooting article


Move the Gateway closer to the Lock

Since the Gateway needs to connect to the Lock via Bluetooth, make sure that it's close enough for this communication to happen. If you're unsure, moving the Gateway closer to where you've mounted the Lock is always a good troubleshooting step.


Power-cycle the Lock

To Power-cycle your Wyze Lock, remove the battery cover and remove one of the batteries. Unlike the Gateway, you shouldn't need to leave the Lock unpowered for a full 5 minutes, so go ahead and reinstall the battery. This process will cause the Lock to reboot, but it should retain its connection to the Gateway once it powers back on.


Replace the Lock's batteries

The Lock's batteries getting too low could cause it to fall Offline. To rule this out, replacing the batteries is always a step worth trying. 


Note: All 4 batteries should be replaced at the same time, and should only be replaced with standard alkaline batteries. Rechargeable or Extended Life batteries shouldn't be used with the Wyze Lock.


Set the Lock back up

Failing all else, setting your Lock back up as if it were brand new should bring it back online. For a refresher on the Lock's setup process click here.

  • Before performing this step, send in an app log and take note of the app log ID.
  • In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Lock
  • Tap the settings icon > Wyze Support > Submit a log
  • Choose Connectivity Issues
  • Fill out the details and submit your app log. Write down the generated app log ID just in case you have to send it in to support. 


Note: When setting the Lock back up, this MUST be done using the same account that it was originally set up on. Attempting to set the Lock up on any other account will result in failure.

Failing all else, please contact Support so one of our Wizards can help you find a resolution.

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