Help! My Keypad Code isn't working.

Check your Keypad Code again.

If the Keypad isn't accepting your Code, give the troubleshooting on this page a try.

  1. Double-check your Keypad Code.
    • If you have several codes set up, make sure your code doesn't have any restrictions on it (i.e. one-time use, or time restricted).
  2. Enter the code only, no modifiers.
    • To make sure the code isn't overlapping with digits entered before or after it, enter just the code.
    • Related article: Secure Code Entry
  3. Power-cycle the Keypad.
    • Remove the front panel and remove the batteries, then reinstall the batteries. This will force the Keypad to reboot and refresh the connection to the Lock.
  4. Make sure the Wyze Lock is online in the Wyze app.
  5. Create a new Keypad Code.
    • If the steps above don't work, you may need to create a new code. As long as you're within Bluetooth range of your Wyze Lock, you can create a new code within the Wyze app. 
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