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Auto-Lock doesn't work

If the Auto-Lock feature isn't working the way it's supposed to, try the troubleshooting on this page.

Check the settings

Before doing any deeper troubleshooting, check the Auto-Lock setting to make sure it's both enabled and set to lock within the time frame that you're expecting. If you're unfamiliar with Auto-Lock's settings, check out our article detailing it here.

Make sure the deadbolt is aligned

If the deadbolt is offset from the recess in the frame, it can cause the Auto-Lock to fail as a jammed lock. This is most easily identified by the lock only properly closing when you push or pull on the door a specific amount rather than being able to close without adjusting the door's position.

Make sure Wyze Lock is properly calibrated

Wyze Lock has a gyroscopic sensor built in that allows it to keep track of its position and angle. This should have been calibrated as part of the setup process for Lock, when it prompted you to set the door at a specific angle with the Lock either open or closed.

Replace the Lock's batteries

The Lock's batteries getting too low could cause Auto-Lock to fail. To rule this out, replacing the batteries is always a step worth trying. 

Note: All 4 batteries should be replaced at the same time, and should only be replaced with standard alkaline batteries. Rechargeable or Extended Life batteries shouldn't be used with the Wyze Lock.

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