Auto-Unlock doesn't work

If the Auto-Unlock feature isn't working the way it's supposed to, try the troubleshooting on this page.

Check the settings

Before doing any deeper troubleshooting, check the Auto-Unlock setting to make sure it's both enabled and set to unlock within the geofenced area that you're expecting. If you're unfamiliar with Auto-Unlock's settings, check out our article detailing it here.

Back out of the Wyze Lock tab

Auto-Unlock will not work if you remain on the Wyze Lock tab in the app. In order to ensure Auto-Unlock triggers as intended, make sure you always back out to the Home page of the Wyze app, or have a different product page pulled up.

Make sure you aren't taking too long to reach your door

As mentioned on the Auto-Unlock article, the Auto-Unlock feature relies on your phone connecting to the Lock via Bluetooth once you're in range. If you don't get close enough to the Wyze Lock for your Bluetooth to connect, Auto-Unlock will time out after 10 minutes.

Make sure Location Services are enabled

In order for the geofencing for Auto-Unlock to work, there are OS-specific requirements that need to be met. For a more detailed comparison, please reference the Auto-Unlock article. At the very least though, please check your phone's settings to make sure that the Location Services setting is enabled, and that permission for Location Services is granted for the Wyze app.

Cycle your phone's Bluetooth

Turn off your phone's Bluetooth, then turn it back on. This should help make sure it's communicating properly once you get within range of the Lock. 

If using a Motorola device, ensure that you have GPS enabled as some Motorola devices require GPS be enabled for Bluetooth to function.

Power-cycle your phone

Similar to toggling the WiFi and Bluetooth, turning your phone off/on can help make sure it's communicating properly with the lock once you're within Bluetooth range.

Replace the Lock's batteries

The Lock's batteries getting too low could cause Auto-Lock to fail. To rule this out, replacing the batteries is always a step worth trying. 

Note: All 4 batteries should be replaced at the same time, and should only be replaced with standard alkaline batteries. Rechargeable or Extended Life batteries shouldn't be used with the Wyze Lock.



Create a location-based trigger

In order to create a location-based trigger refer here:




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