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Wyze Lock Security

Wyze Lock is built for security. It helps keep your home secure by reminding you to close the door if it’s been left open and auto-locking when the door is closed. It also gives you visibility into when your door is open, closed, locked, or unlocked. With greater ability to control access to your home, you don’t need to hand keys out to dog-walkers, leave them under a rock in your front yard, or worry about copies unknowingly being made. Wyze Lock not only improves your home security, but is secure itself. Here we outline a few of the main features that keep Wyze Lock secure.

Wyze Lock Integrity

Wyze Lock uses your existing deadbolt which means it has no impact on the physical integrity of your lock. 

Secure Access 

Wyze Lock uses Bluetooth and Zigbee: two standard communication protocols. It also uses AES-128 bit encryption to ensure all communication is secured during transmission. 

Wyze Lock Keypad

Wyze Lock Keypad connects directly to Wyze Lock using a Bluetooth connection. Access codes are stored locally on Wyze Lock and cannot be seen or accessed from the cloud. 


Auto-Unlock is an advanced feature that simplifies the coming home experience by unlocking your door when you’re nearby. When enabled, Auto-Unlock uses a 2-step process to unlock your door. Step 1 uses your phone’s location service to recognize when you get near your home and step 2 uses your phone’s Bluetooth connection to know you’re at your door. Both steps must happen in order (enter the geofence, connect via Bluetooth) to unlock the door. This 2-step process guarantees you don’t accidentally unlock the door while inside the house. Additionally: if Auto-Unlock is triggered but the door is never opened, the door with re-lock itself after 10 minutes.

Unauthorized Setup

Once paired to your account, Wyze Lock cannot be setup to a different account unless you remove it first. This guarantees that nobody can unknowingly set up your Wyze Lock to their account while inside the house. You can still share Wyze Lock with other users, but they will not be able to set it up as a new device on their own account. 

Account Security 

The most important security measures are the most basic. Use strong and unique passwords for your Wyze account—never reuse passwords between services. We also strongly recommend turning on two-factor authentication (2FA) which adds an additional layer of security. 

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