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Alexa is not discovering Wyze devices


After setting up Wyze in the Alexa app, Alexa looks for devices to connect to and fails. It shows "No new devices found." The Wyze Skill is enabled in the Alexa app, and your Wyze and Alexa accounts are linked. 


The Discover Devices feature in the Alexa app has changed, and no longer requires you to manually discover devices in the app. Your devices may already be discovered and set up, without any work on your part. Huzzah!

But if you have no Wyze devices in your Alexa app at all, try the following:

  • Check that your Wyze device is connected to Wi-Fi.
    • In the Wyze app, check that they're online.
  • Make sure your Wyze device is compatible with Alexa.
  • Ensure that the Amazon Alexa device is compatible with the Wyze device.
    • Compatible Alexa devices: Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire Tablets and Fire TV. It’s compatible with all generations of Fire TV, all Fire TV Edition Smart TVs and Fire Tablets Gen 7 and above.
  • Make sure your Wyze firmware is up to date.
    • Go to Account > Firmware Upgrade. 
  • Check that your'e using the correct Wyze account.
    • You must use the Wyze account connected to the linked Amazon Alexa account. 
  • Disable, then re-enable the Wyze Skill in the Amazon Alexa App.
    1. On the top left, tap Menu > Skills & Games > Your Skills > Wyze > Disable Skill > Disable.
    2. Return to the Wyze Skill and tap Enable to Use. Sign into Wyze and tap Done
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