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Safety Temps on your Wyze Thermostat

Not too hot, or too cold.

Safety Temps help protect your home from extreme cold or hot weather, by turning on your heating or cooling system when your set limits are reached. 

For example, if you’re away from home and the weather drops below freezing, Wyze Thermostat will heat your home up to prevent low temperatures from damaging your water pipes. In the warm summer months when you leave plants and pets at home, even if you forget to set a comfortable temperature, Safety Temps will cool your home before it gets dangerously hot.

Additional notes: 

  • The minimum safety temperature range you can set is is 35ºF-50ºF, and the max is 80ºF-105ºF.
  • Safety Temps works even if Wyze Thermostat is set to Off, or no temperature preference is scheduled.

  • This feature will work even if your Wi-Fi disconnects.

  • Safety Temps can be adjusted in the Wyze app, in your Wyze Thermostat’s Settings.

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