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Wyze Thermostat Installation Guide (with C-Wire Adapter)

You do not have a C-Wire. Here's how to install Wyze Thermostat.

Important: Don't feel prepared or safe to install your own thermostat? We've designed Wyze Thermostat to be easy to install, but use your own judgment. If you're in doubt, stop. Call your local HVAC technician for assistance. 
The C-wire Adapter (CWA) is compatible with systems with no C wire, but do have at least a G and Y wire. Please use the Compatibility Checker as needed.

What's in the box:

  • Wyze Thermostat x1
  • C-Wire Adapter x1
  • Back Panel x1
  • Wall Cover x1
  • Mounting Screws with anchors x2
  • Quick Start Guide x1
  • Wire Labels Sheet x1
  • Screwdriver x2

Tools you will need:

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Small flat head screwdriver
  • A fully-charged mobile device
  • Home WiFi name and password

Tools you may need

  • Drill and drill bit for mounting
  • Wire stripper
  • Pencil

To install your Wyze Thermostat with a C-Wire:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap Home, then tap + plus sign on the top left.
  2. Tap Add Device.
  3. Tap Home > Wyze Thermostat to begin Installation
  4. Next, tap Begin Preparation, then Begin to confirm that you have a Phillips Screwdriver.

Proceed with the steps below, following along in the Wyze app.

  1. Turn off the power to your heating/cooling system.
    thermostat1.png thermostat2.png
    • To protect yourself, turn off the switch that controls your heating/cooling system. You can do this at the breaker box or using the switch on your furnace or air handler. If needed, turn off the main power at the breaker box.
    • Turn down the temperature on your old thermostat. Make sure it doesn't run for at least 5 minutes.
    • After verifying the power is off, tap Next in the app.
  2. Remove your existing thermostat cover.
    • On most thermostats, you can take off the cover by grasping and gently pulling. Some thermostats may have screws, buttons, or clasps.
    • Use the screwdriver to remove any screws or use the button/clasps to remove the cover. You should see wires that run from your heating/cooling system attached to the back panel of your old thermostat, and your thermostat’s back panel is screwed to the wall.
    • Important: Do not remove any wires at this step! If you don't see any wires, you may have a mid layer that needs to be removed by unscrewing.
    • Tap Next in the app.
  3. Make sure you don't have a high voltage system.
    • If your existing thermostat:
      • has 110/120V thick wires capped with wire nuts,
      • has caution label saying 120/240V
      • has only two terminals labeled as L1 and L2
      You have a high voltage system and it is not compatible with Wye Thermostat. You can find information for Wyze return policy here.
    • If you don't have a high voltage system, tap No in the app.
  4. Take a picture of your current thermostat wiring.
    • Include the letters next to the terminals where the wires are inserted. This will be a helpful reference when wiring your thermostat, and when troubleshooting with our support team.
    • We'd greatly appreciate it if you could share your old wiring photos with us, to provide better training and support to our teams.
  5. Check your compatibility with the Wyze Thermostat Compatibility Checker.
    Your old thermostat may have a jumper wire connecting one terminal to another. It may look like a small staple or a colored wire.
    1. Use a screwdriver or press a lever to release wires from terminals and remove the jumper wire. Your Wyze Thermostat does not need any jumpers.
      Important: Do not disconnect any other wires yet.
      1. Thermostat with 2 sets of labels: Select the terminal names based on your actual system. Some thermostats may have 2 sets of terminal labels, like "conventional" and "heat pump." 
        In the Wyze app, tap the letter of all the terminals you have with wires connected. Wyze Thermostat wants to confirm the compatibility before continuing.
        Common confusing issues:
      1. Unused wire: Identify if the wire is also unused at the control panel. If it is not being used, label that unused wire with an empty sticker label. If the wire is being used, label it at the thermostat.
      1. Two wires in one terminal: You may have a dual transformer system.
      2. Incompatible wires: Stranded wires are not compatible.
        Important: If you don't have a C wire selected in the compatibility checker, switch to the Wyze Thermostat C-Wire with Adapter Installation Guide.
  6. Label and disconnect each wire.
    • To install with CWA, you must disconnect the 4 wires from the control board and connect them to the CWA. Label the wires Y, G, R, and W.
      • Note: If you don't have a W wire, the system is still compatible. R can also be Rc.
    • Using the old thermostat base as a guide, put the provided sticky label on each wire as you disconnect it.
    • Make sure all the wires are disconnected from the old thermostat.
      Important: Label wires according to old thermostat terminal designations, NOT by wire color.

      --- C-Wire Adapter (CWA) Additional Steps Start ---
    • Find your control board.
      • It will be near your HVAC system, usually in the basement. If you have a furnace, you will need to open your system's cover.
    • Take photos of your current control board wiring.
      • Make sure you can see the terminal letters and identify the color of the wires in the photo.
    • Label the wires.
      • To install the CWA, you must disconnect the 4 wires from the control board and connect them to the CWA.
      • Label the wires Y, G, R, and W.
      • Note: If you don't have a W wire, the system is still compatible. R can also be Rc.
    • Disconnect the labeled wires from the control board.
      • You may need to loosen the screw holding the wire to the control board.
    • Connect the labeled wires from the control board to the CWA.
      • Use the screwdriver to tighten the screw after inserting each wire to ensure it is secure.
    • Connect the wires from the CWA to the control board.
      • Match the wire to the control board terminal and make the connection. Make sure to tighten the screw.
    • Replace the control board cover.
      --- C-Wire Adapter (CWA) Additional Steps End ---

  7. Disconnect and remove your old thermostat.
    • After all wires are labeled and disconnected, remove the old thermostat back panel by unscrewing it from the wall.
    • Make sure the wires do not fall back into the wall.
  8. Mount your Wyze Thermostat back panel.
    1. Thread the wires through the center of the back panel (wall cover is optional).
    2. Hold the back panel to your wall, use a pencil to mark the holes for your thermostat to be placed.
    3. Drill mounting holes for the drywall anchors (e.g., 3/16 inch holes for drywall)
      Use the drywall anchors and screws supplied to mount the back panel to the wall. Keep the bubble on the built-in level centered to make sure your thermostat is placed level.
      Important: You may use your existing wall anchors. Hold the back panel up against the existing anchors to check for alignment.
  9. Connect the wires to your Wyze Thermostat.
    • Push down on the levers to insert the wires into the inner holes of their corresponding terminals on the wall panel (only one wire per terminal) until it is firmly in place.
    • Gently tug on each wire to verify they are securely connected. To release the wires again, push down on the terminal levers.
      Important: Make sure the wires have at least 1/4'' of wire exposed for inserting to the back panel terminals.
  10. Attach Wyze Thermostat to the back panel.
    • Push excess wires back into the wall and snap your Wyze Thermostat into the back panel. After you hear it "click," your Wyze Thermostat is ready for setup.
  11. Turn on the power to your heating/cooling system.
    • On the circuit breaker or where you powered off your system, turn on the power.
    • Wait a moment for the Wyze logo to appear on the thermostat's screen. It is now in pairing mode, and ready to finish set up! 

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