Wyze Robot Vacuum Setup Troubleshooting


Wyze Robot Vacuum fails to set up / connect to the network.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Before set up, turn off the cellular data on your mobile device. 
    • Some devices may try to automatically connect to cellular data while not connected to WiFi. This can prevent successful setup.
  2. Connect your vacuum to the charging station by making sure the slices touch.
    • The status lights should be lit up, with the vacuum connected to power and charged enough to turn on.
  3. While trying to connect to WiFi, the status lights should be blinking white. 
    1. If the status light is pulsing slowly, is solid, or another color, then it's not in WiFi configuration mode.
  4. Still can't connect to WiFi / complete set up? In your mobile device's settings, forget the Wyze Robot Vacuum's WiFi network. Then, start setup again, ensuring you have cellular data turned off.
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