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My outdoor plug is offline in the Wyze app.


In the Wyze app, Wyze Plug Outdoor is offline and cannot be managed.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Check if your WiFi connection is strong and working properly. 
    1. With your phone or tablet connected to the same WiFi as the outdoor plug, try to use the Internet.
    2. If you cannot use the Internet, your WiFi may be offline or weak. Try moving the outdoor plug closer to your WiFi, or restart your router.
  2. Reconnect the outdoor plug to your network.

    • Unplug the device from the outlet, then plug it back in. Wyze Plug Outdoor will attempt to reconnect to the WiFi immediately.
  3. Factory reset the outdoor plug. 
  4. If it's still offline, move the outdoor plug closer to your router, then reset the plug again. 

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