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I got a "Pairing failed" error during Wyze Mesh Router setup.


While setting up Wyze Mesh Router, you get stuck on "Pairing failed" during the pairing process.


  1. Make sure your Wyze Mesh Router is connected to your modem’s LAN port. 
  2. If you have a modem/router combo (all-in-one) you likely have multiple LAN ports to choose from. Make sure your Wyze Mesh Router is physically connected to the “LAN” port of the combo device.
    • You may need to turn off the Wi-Fi SSID on your combo modem/router from your ISP for setup.
  3. To ensure your existing modem is working properly, connect a PC or laptop to the LAN port of the modem and check if you can surf the internet. If you are unable to browse the Internet, please contact your ISP for help.
  4. In some cases, your ISP delivers internet service to you with a connection type other than Dynamic IP. If that’s the case, your ISP should provide Static IP or PPPoE credentials to you after you sign up for their service.
    • Choose the Configure ISP Settings option on the “Paring failed” screen to proceed with Static IP or PPPoE setup. It is important to choose the correct connection type. Please contact your ISP if you are unsure which type you have.
  5. In some cases, your ISP may lock the MAC address (MAC binding) of the router that’s connected to it. When replacing your old router to the new, one your ISP may have to manual unbind the old MAC address.
    1. Unplug your modem and router from for 5 mins. Then plug them back into power to proceed with the setup. This may help to unbind the modem from your old router’s MAC address.
    2. Please contact your ISP to unbind or release the MAC address of your old router in order for the new router to function. 
  6. Make sure you have a sufficient internet connection or mobile data on your smartphone to complete the router setup.

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