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My root Wyze Mesh Router suddenly loses connection.


Your root (connected to your modem) Wyze Mesh Router has suddenly lost internet. This is the one that shows as "Wired to Internet" in the Wyze app.


  1. Check the LED on your root Wyze Mesh Router. If the color is orange, reboot the root Wyze Mesh Router in the Wyze app, or physically power cycle the router by unplugging it from power and plugging it back in.
  2. Confirm if your original modem is working. Connect a PC or laptop directly to one of the LAN ports of your modem and check if you can access the Internet. If not, please contact your ISP for help.
  3. Check if all cables are connected to the correct ports.
  4. Please make sure the router is placed in an open area, closer to the center of the home, on a flat surface or table top (not on the floor or between furniture) and away from large electronic devices (TV, speakers).
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