The Live Stream is running slow

If your Live Stream is slow, there are a few settings and troubleshooting steps you can try out. 

Note: If you are unable to connect to the camera at all, please see our Connectivity Issues article.

Check the Resolution
If you have a slow connection, changing your live stream can help.  Check to see if you have it set as  HD/SD or 360p.  You will see it on the top left.  You can change the resolution by tapping it and a box will pop up. 

Try to change to 360p as this consumes less bandwidth and allows a stable connection. 

If you have multiple cameras with slow Live Steam you can check the connection for each one to see if one is causing a problem.
Check Each Camera's Connection

To do this, try unplugging all but one Wyze Cam.  Now go to that camera's Live Steam. If you see an improvement, try plugging in the other Wyze Cam's one at a time.  Check each unit's Live Stream after adding one to see when the slow down begins to happen.

  • If reducing the number of cameras connected does not improve the connection, please try moving one of the units close to the router to see if this improves the connection quality.
  • If other devices on the network are having trouble too, try rebooting your router to see if the connections clear up.
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