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My Live stream is blurry when night vision is on

Presents:: My live stream is blurry when night vision is turned on



  • If you are using a cover for your Wyze Cam, please remove it and observe if the image quality improves. 
    • Please keep in mind that Wyze does not sell covers or mounting cases. 
    • These are only sold by 3rd party suppliers. 
    • This means their covers may cause issues with image quality. 
  • If you are not using a cover or the night vision is still blurry without a cover, try the following steps:
    • From the live stream, on the top right corner below the “Camera Settings” icon, you will see the words Auto, On, or Off inside a small crescent moon. Cycle through these options until you land on Auto.
    • Check the “Advanced Settings” to see if “Night Vision Mode” is set to Off, Auto, or On.
      • Cycle through these options until you land on Auto.
    • Restart the Wyze Cam/Pan by tapping on Settings > Restart Device at the bottom of the settings screen.
    • Factory reset your camera and set it up as a new device.
      • To factory reset, remove the SD card if you have one inserted.
      • Press and hold the setup button until the status light turns to a SOLID YELLOW. 
      • Release the button, and begin the setup process.


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