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What ports are necessary for Wyze Cams to operate?

In most cases, home users will not need to manually change ports. If you are on a business/enterprise network your IT department can manually open the ports needed.

Here is a list of the necessary ports: 


What it does

What it's used for

TCP: 80

Local timelapse download


TCP: 123

Internet time check

Confirming the camera's time zone

TCP: 443

Cloud data transfer

Uploading Events

TCP: 8443

Cloud API

Keeping the connection with Cloud server

TCP: 8605

Upgrade package download

Firmware Upgrades

TCP: 10001

P2P streaming connection

Local live streaming over WiFi

TCP: 10002

LAN firmware upgrade

Firmware Upgrades 

TCP: 22345

TCP control

Making sure the connection stays open when viewing the Live Stream

UDP: 80

Heart beat & streaming data

For all UDP ports: Loading the Live Stream and keeping the connection between camera and server even when it's not actively being used

UDP: 443

Heart beat & streaming data


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