Poor Image Quality


Your Wyze Cam or Wyze Cam Pan has a poor image in the Live Stream. It's blurry, grainy, tinted, or isn't showing the way you expect it to.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Check the lens for protective lens film.
    • You may have left this on when unboxing your camera.
  2. Check for a firmware update.
    1. In the Wyze app, tap Account > Firmware Update.
    2. If you see Update next to your camera, tap Update.
  3. Test your Night Vision settings.
    1. In the Wyze app, tap on the Wyze Cam having issues.
    2. Allow the Live Stream to connect.
    3. Tap the Night Vision options to cycle through AutoNVAuto.png, OnNVOn.png, and OffNVOff.png.

If you're still having issues after trying troubleshooting steps above, please provide a screenshot to our Wyze Wizards for additional support.

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