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How do I submit a log in the Wyze app?

Log files help us gather information about your device to share with our engineers. Follow these steps to submit a log.

  1. Please reproduce the issue, if possible.
  2. In the Wyze app, go to Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log.
  3. Select the affected device or service then select the relevant issue category.
  4. Enter any relevant details or associated support ticket numbers in the Details section. You can also tap the + plus icon to add any relevant pictures or videos.
  5. Make sure the Send log files option is checked to ensure the logs are included.
  6. Tap Submit.

You can also submit a log through individual devices by going to the device’s settings > Wyze Support > Submit a Log.

Note: App logs are sent directly to our engineering team to use toward improving future app and firmware releases and will not receive a reply. These logs cannot be accessed or reviewed by our support team.
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