Too Many Notifications

There are a few ways you can lower the number of Notifications you are getting in a day. Try looking at the following settings.

Notification Settings

The first setting to look at is your Accounts Notification Settings.  You can turn on/off what triggers a notification. Click here to learn more about Notification Settings and how you can set them Per-Device.

Go to the Account tab and select the Notifications tab. From here you can pick a specific device from the list and pick what triggers a notification. Enabling and disabling some of the triggers might lower the number of Notifications.

An example would be turning off Sound as a notification trigger for the Wyze Cam but keeping Motion on. This would lower notifications if the camera is placed somewhere with lots of noise. 

Detection Settings and Sensitivity

You can change the Sensitivity setting for your Wyze Cam and Wyze Cam Pan. You can try changing the sensitivity to lower the number of notifications that are triggered. Click here to read the article on Detection Settings and Zones.

Detection Zones

Another useful feature is the Detection Zone. This feature allows you to define a specific area that you want your Wyze Cam to detect motion in. Everything outside of the zone is ignored and will not trigger an Event Video or Notification.

To lower the number of notifications, try creating a Detection Zone.

Click here to read the article on Detection Settings and Zones.

Still Having Difficulty?

If you have checked that you don't have any settings or Rules causing too many notifications, you can create a support ticket and we will work with you on resolving this issue. 

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