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Wyze App Notifications

Notifications from the Wyze app let you know what's going on with your Wyze devices at a glance. Customize your Notifications on the Account tab of the Wyze app.

📌 Tip: To change your Wyze app Notifications settings, open the Wyze app and tap on Account > Notifications

Types of Wyze Notifications:

To turn on and off your Wyze app Notifications

In-App Notifications

While in the Wyze app, get notified about new products and deals, Wyze news and general updates.

  1. To turn on in-app notifications:  In the Wyze app, tap Account > Notifications > In-app Notifications. Tap the toggle to on.
    1. Tap the toggles next to New Products & Deals and/or News & Updates to receive those promotional notifications.
    2. To turn off in-app notifications, Account > Notifications > In-app Notifications. Tap the toggle to off.


Push Notifications

Get device notifications and/or promotional notifications pushed directly to your phone.

Wyze Notification on screen.jpeg

  1. To turn on push notifications: In the Wyze app, tap Account > Notifications > Push Notifications. Tap the toggle next to Enable to on.
    • To turn off push notifications, tap the toggle off.
  2. Tap the Notification Sound to select the sound that plays.
  3. Tap Voice Over IP for Wyze Video Doorbell to receive an internet phone call instead of a push notification when your doorbell is pressed.


Text Notifications

Get text messages with Wyze news and promotions about 2-4 times per month.

  1. In the Wyze app, tap Account > Notifications > Text Notifications. Tap the toggle on.
  2. Enter your phone number. Tap Submit.
    • To turn off text notifications, Account > Notifications > Text Notifications. Tap the toggle to off.


App Discovery

Get Wyze app tips and tricks on Discover Cards on the Home tab of the app, customized to your Wyze Devices and Services.
Wyze Discover Cards Widgets.jpeg

  1. To turn on App Discovery notifications, tap Account > Notifications > App Discovery
  2. Tap Frequency to select how often you'd like to receive new Discover tips.
  3. Tap the Event Reports toggle to receive a Discover card (based on the frequency set) with a summary of your events per device.
    • Event Report.png


Snooze (Global) Notifications

Control notifications for all devices associated on your Wyze account with the tap of a bell.

To turn off or "Snooze" Global Notifications:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap the bell icon. 
  2. Choose the duration: 30 min, 1 hour, until 8 AM tomorrow, until I turn it back on, and Custom.
    1. Until I turn it back on: You will not receive any notifications until you tap the bell again.
    2. Custom: Notifications will turn off until a specific time today or tomorrow.

Notifications ON

Notifications Off

wyze global notifications bell.png

wyze global notifications off.png

Note: Turning off notifications doesn’t affect Event Recording. Any Events you've chosen to be recorded will still be recorded, but you won't receive a notification if you've turned them off. 


Device Notifications

For Wyze Cam and Wyze Sense devices, you can select specific Events to receive notifications for, like when your Wyze Cam Floodlight v2 detects a moving vehicle.

To change your Device Notifications:

  • In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze device.
  • Tap on the Settings gear, then Notifications.
  • Tap the toggle to enable Notifications, then tap the boxes next to which Events you'd like to be notified about. 
⚡️ Snooze Notifications override all Device Notifications settings. If you have leak notifications enabled for Wyze Leak Sensor, but global notifications are disabled, you will not receive a notification from the leak sensor.

Not every Wyze Device has the same Notifications options. Wyze Cams notify you about Events like motion and sound detection, and a lot more with a subscription Cam Plus. Wyze sensors, like Wyze Climate Sensor, will notify you about temperature and humidity changes. See below:

Wyze Cam with Cam Plus Wyze Climate Sensor
Notifications Paid User.png


Additional Notes

  • Not receiving notifications?
    • On your mobile device, make sure Wyze is on your Allow list for Notifications.
    • In the Wyze app, make sure Global Notifications are turned on.
    • On your Wyze device, go to Settings > Notifications and make sure it's toggled on.
  • The Snooze Notifications bell controls all device notifications. If it's toggled off, you will not receive any device notifications from the Wyze app until the duration you've set has passed. Events will still be recorded and saved.

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