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I can't download or view Time-lapse recordings.

To view a Time-lapse video, you must first download the video to your mobile device. 


You're trying to download and view a Time-lapse video, but it fails. You're unable to view the recording from your Wyze Cam Outdoor.

Troubleshooting Steps

Retrieve the File Manually

Since the Time Lapse recording's file is stored locally on the Wyze Cam Outdoor's microSD card, you can retrieve the file manually by inserting the card in a compatible computer, smartphone, or tablet. This allows you to check file integrity and view the recording without having to download it.

If your camera is in a difficult to reach location, try the next option.

Check Connectivity

Wyze Cam Outdoor connects through the Base Station, which means that if either of them have a poor connection you may not be able to download the file. The first step you should take to make sure the Wyze Cam Outdoor has a stable connection would be to try either moving the camera closer to the Base Station, or moving the Base Station closer to the camera.

If closing the distance doesn't help, try rebooting the Base Station to re-establish the connection to the network.

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