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My Wyze Cam Outdoor battery is draining quickly.


Wyze Cam Outdoor v1/v2 is losing battery life faster than usual, and needs to be charged often.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Make sure that the Wyze Cam Outdoor v1/v2 and Base Station’s firmware are both up to date.
    • You can check this by going to the Account tab > Firmware Update.
    • If there is an update available for the camera and/or Base Station, please move forward with the update.
  • Check if you've added Cam Plus to that camera and move it to a different device if possible.
    • Cam Plus removes the cooldown between videos, the Event Video length limit, and adds more smart detection features like person and vehicle detection.
    • If you have multiple cameras, but the one with battery issues has Cam Plus, try moving your subscription to a different camera. Test your changes.
  • Reposition your camera somewhere with less traffic.
    • Place the camera in a low traffic area if Motion Detection is enabled.
  • Review your outdoor camera's Events.
    • An excessive amount of Event Videos could result in faster battery drain.
  • Review your recording settings.
  • Check the signal strength of the Wyze Cam Outdoor v1/v2, and reposition the Wyze Cam Outdoor v1/v2 or Base Station to make sure it’s at 3-bars for testing.
    • You can check this by going to the camera’s Live stream > Settings > Device Info.
  • Check your charging cables.
    • Make sure that you are using the Wyze-supplied charging cable and Wyze Base Station to charge your camera. 
  • Test your charger.
    • Wyze Cam Outdoor v1/v2 requires a minimum of 5v/2A to charge properly. If you have a known working adapter that meets this criteria, you can test with it to rule out issues with the cable.

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