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My body fat data is missing. What's going on?

Reasons why your data might be missing:

  • Body composition data is only available for adults aged 18-80 years old. Children and seniors 81+ will not be able to access this feature.
  • Your feet are not fully in contact with the scale. Step off the scale, then on again with your feet in the middle of the scale.
  • You moved before the measurement was complete. Hold still until the measurement is shown.
  • Your feet, ankles, or knees are touching. Stand squarely in the middle of the scale.
  • The glass surface of the scale isn't clean, blocking the sensors.
  • Your feet may be too dry. Wipe the bottoms of your feet with a damp cloth and step on again.
  • You have Only Measure Weight enabled in the Wyze app. 
  • Your Wyze app isn't paired with the scale you're stepping on.

If you're seeing an error message, look it up here: Wyze Scale Error Messages

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