Motion event videos are missing.


Wyze Cam Outdoor is not recording motion detection events.

Wyze Cam Outdoor will stop recording motion detection events while any Scheduled Recording or Time Lapse is actively recording to the camera's microSD card. To continue receiving motion detection events, these microSD features will need to be turned off.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Make sure event recording is enabled in the Wyze app.
    1. Tap on your camera, then the Settings gear on the top right.
    2. Tap Event Recording, then make sure the Detects Motion toggle is ON.
  2. Change your Recording Cooldown time to 1 minute.
    • Tap Event Recording > Recording Cooldown > 1 min.
    • The higher your cooldown time, the more likely a recording may be missed if motion is detected during that cooldown time. 
  3. Observe the LED light on the back of the camera while moving in front of it.
    • No light: Submit a log* from the Wyze Cam Outdoor in the app, and contact our support team with your log ID.
    • Solid blue light: The PIR sensor has been triggered properly. You should see a 12 second video in your Events tab in the app.
      • No video? Submit a log from the Base Station in the app, and contact our support team with your log ID.
    • Flashing blue light: The PIR sensor has been triggered properly, but the camera is establishing a connection with the Base Station. It will turn solid blue when connected.
      • If the light doesn't change to solid blue, submit logs from both the Base Station and camera in the app, and contact our support team with your log IDs.

Additional Notes

  • *To submit a log for the Wyze Cam Outdoor or Base Station in the Wyze app:
    go to Account > Help & Feedback > Submit a Log.
  • Your Wyze Cam Outdoor must be positioned correctly, not upside down.
  • Motion detection for Wyze Cam Outdoor is optimized for side-to-side motion. Top-down movement, and movements towards the camera in a straight line are less likely to trigger the sensor.
  • If you are actively viewing the Live Stream, motion detection will not work. While troubleshooting, remain on the Home screen of the app. 
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