Wyze Gun Safe Setup Troubleshooting


While setting up Wyze Gun Safe in the app you are unable to pair your phone to the safe. Pairing fails.


  1. Confirm the Wyze app is up to date. 
  2. Make sure that BluetoothⓇ is enabled on the phone/tablet.
    • Make sure Location Permissions are enabled as well.
  3. Make sure the gun safe is receiving power by pressing on the keypad. The buttons should light up and you should hear a beep.
    • If not, power cycle the Wyze Gun Safe by removing and reinserting the batteries and trying again.
  4. If still not lighting up or beeping, replace the batteries with new ones.
    • Wyze Gun Safe uses 4x AA alkaline batteries.
  5. Factory reset the Wyze Gun Safe.
    • To factory reset, open the Wyze Gun Safe, press the pairing button on the inside of the safe for about 3 seconds until a beep sounds, then attempt setup again. 
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