My Wyze Gun Safe does not have any power.


The keypad on Wyze Gun Safe does not light up or beep when pressed, and the fingerprint reader doesn't unlock the lock.


  1. In the Wyze app, check that the light and sound options are enabled in Wyze Gun Safe’s Settings.
  2. Use the backup key to unlock the gun safe.
    • The keyhole is located on the left side of the gun safe, underneath the hidden cover. Insert the key and turn counter-clockwise to unlock the gun safe.
  3. Press the battery case’s eject button to remove the battery case.
    • It helps to press on the lower half of the button.
  4. Remove the batteries from the battery case. 
  5. Wait about 5 seconds and reinsert the batteries into the case then place the case back into the slot.
  6. Press on the keypad to make sure the gun safe is receiving power. The buttons should light up and a beep should sound.
    1. If not, power cycle the Wyze Gun Safe by removing and reinserting the batteries and trying again.
    2. If still not lighting up or beeping, replace the batteries with new ones. Wyze Gun Safe uses 4  AA alkaline batteries.


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