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2FA Updates and FAQs

On Thursday, September 1, 2022, we announced a new security update: Two-Factor Authentication will be enabled by default to sign in to the Wyze app. Related article: Two-Factor Authentication


This update is a big change, but also a big plus for better security. Below are a few answers to the most popular questions we've received regarding this 2FA update.

2FA Frequently Asked Questions

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication is a method of securing your account with a secondary authentication token. This secondary token is generated after you enter your email and password and is sent to your mobile phone either by SMS or 3rd party Authenticator app (Duo, Google Authenticator, etc.).

What do I have to do right now for 2FA?

Nothing at all! As long as you know and have access to the email address on your Wyze account, you're all set and no further action is needed at this time. 

How do I enable Two-Factor Authentication?

Follow the steps in this article to set up 2FA via SMS, email, or Authenticator app: Two Factor Authentication.

Is there an email option, not just SMS or app?

Yes! You can now set up email 2FA. You can see how here: Two-Factor Authentication

Is 2FA required, or can I opt-out?

Yes, you can opt out of 2FA, but it will be required to set up a new account. However, we strongly recommend enabling 2FA.

Will I have to go through 2FA every time I open the Wyze app?

Absolutely not. You will only have to go through 2FA when setting it up and whenever you fully sign out of the Wyze app, like by going to the Account tab and tapping Sign Out at the bottom. If you don't sign out and attempt to sign back in, you will not have to repeat the 2FA process.

Want to just open the app to check your cameras and Wyze Services like usual? This hasn't changed at all. No 2FA required if you aren't logging into the app.

I live outside the US and cannot receive SMS. How do I enable 2FA?

No worries! You can set up 2FA with your Authenticator app instead, like Duo Security or Google Authenticator. Or, your email address will be used as usual with no action needed from you.

Can I use an Authenticator app instead of SMS?

Yes, you do not need to use SMS. Some popular (and free) Authenticator apps are Duo Security, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and LastPass. 

Do I need 2FA if I use a third-party sign-in?

Nope, third-party sign-ins uses its own 2FA.

Will setting up 2FA impact my 3rd-party accounts like Alexa or Google Home?

We're investigating how this will impact 3rd-party accounts. At most, you'll have to re-link your Wyze account to Alexa or Google Home once more.

I share my Wyze account with other people. How will this impact us? Will we all have to set up and go through 2FA when signing in?

  • If you have Shared devices with other Wyze users (you've shared your devices with them individually through the Wyze app), nothing will be impacted. They all have their own Wyze accounts, and you making changes to your account will not affect theirs.
  • If you have shared your email address and Wyze password with family and friends, we highly recommend you consider sharing devices instead, for better security. However, they will not be impacted unless one of them logs out of the Wyze app or your change your password. If they do not have access to the email address on the account, or the verification methods used for 2FA, they will not be able to sign in again without your assistance.

What if I set up 2FA and lose my phone? Will I lose all access to my Wyze devices?

Not necessarily! When setting up 2FA, you have the option to add a Backup Number. You will also be able to use the email 2FA option to regain access to your account when you get a new phone.

Worst case scenario: However, if you only set up 2FA with an Authenticator app, haven't saved any backup codes from that app, do not have a Backup Number added, and you have also lost access to your email address, you will lose access to your Wyze account and devices.

What if I don't have access to or can't remember my email address?

If you've lost access to the email address linked to your Wyze account, you will lose access to your Wyze account when this change fully rolls out. Even if you don't set up 2FA with SMS or an Authenticator app, you will be required to use the default email 2FA verification method whenever you sign in to your account (not when simply opening the Wyze app). 

Please recover your email address and regain access ASAP so you do not lose access to your Wyze account.

I want to change my email address. How will this impact 2FA?

Once you change your email address, you will be signed out of all devices. You must sign in to the app again and reach out to Wyze Support to restore access to any Wyze Services you're subscribed to. 

However, if you set up 2FA then change your email address, you will be signed out of all devices. You will have to sign in again using your 2FA verification method on all devices.

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